We were witness to a beautiful transformation today at the Kensington Storefront. Kathryn brought S in to our workshop in the morning, but S wasn’t making eye contact or speaking with anyone. She sat quietly in her chair. If someone asked her a question, she would point or nod or shake her head. After sitting in the studio for a while, she started to speak and come out of her shell. She asked Kathryn to call her uncle so he could come get her. (We found out later that she had been missing for a few days and her family was worried about her.) Ann and her daughter Anastasia had brought some clothing with them and helped S pick out some clean clothes. S didn’t want to make a talisman, so I made one for her with fabric she chose. When I was finished, she gave me a high five and a big smile. She left shortly afterwards with her uncle. We were happy to see her again for the afternoon workshop, when she came in with a big smile and hugs for us. The talisman we made in the morning was for her daughter, and the weaving she worked on in the afternoon for her son. It was a pleasure and honor to watch S open up and begin to trust us. This is what it’s all about.