192 woven panels: the number of lives lost to overdose each day in the US



I can’t stop

“Please pray for me - I can’t stop. I want out.” Messages for Epidemic at the Kensington...

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You matter

You matter. You matter. You matter. Messages for Epidemic at the Kensington...

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Beautiful heart

This guy. ❤️ Showed up early at the Storefront today to help us set up. He made up hygiene bags to give to the people coming in today. He wants to make blankets to hand out on the streets and needs fabric donations to get started. Let me know if you have any extra!...

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Weaving at Kirkbride

We’ve come full circle! Kathryn & I are back at Kirkbride for two months, doing weaving workshops with people in long-term treatment. This is where our sanctuary studio partnership started back in 2016. Thanks Eric Okdeh for the opportunity to come back! It was a...

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From the heart

Some inspiration from one of our peeps at our Thursday art workshop at Prevention Point. Is it art? It’s a message from her heart, so yes! We welcome all forms of...

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