192 woven panels: the number of lives lost to overdose each day in the US




As I was driving to work down Kensington Avenue from Castor to Somerset yesterday, I was thankful that I am continually heartbroken over what I see in Kensington. The alternative is...

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Community and belonging

We see all kinds of sadness and despair at the Kensington Storefront, but we also see big time hope and COMMUNITY. One of our friends who has been homeless for a while decided today was the day he was going to detox. He hung around all day, got his stuff together and...

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Loving on the people who need it most

When I drive to work in Kensington, I drive through some of the streets I walked when I was growing up. I pass kids going to school and adults heading to work. I see grandmoms sweeping their sidewalks. I watch groups hand out food to people in need. I see people...

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Overdose Awareness Day

Today we chose purple yarn for our wrists to mark Overdose Awareness Day. After weaving blessing vessels, we heard stories about how our friends in class were saved from overdoses, how they lost people they love, and, best of all, how grateful they are to be here...

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