174 woven panels

... the number of lives lost to overdose per day in the US


Dream come true

Malayna (my 13-yr-old daughter) and I were talking about my new gig teaching a 10-week textile workshop series at Kensington & Somerset. I told her how we had a mix of people - some of our friends and a few people who came in from the streets. I told her about T, who...

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Never enough

There were so many people in need on the streets today. The amount of hungry, sick, hurting people was overwhelming. We do our best, but there is never enough. As one of my friends said today, “we could fill a flatbed truck with stuff and it still wouldn’t be enough.”...

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A normal life

The weather was beautiful on Sunday, so K&A was busy, as usual, with some new people as well as the regulars. I talked for a little while with A, who told me that he is a veteran and a former union worker. He was recently released from prison to the streets. He said...

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Food for a photo

We were talking with M at the bridge today, and he told us he recently got his hair cut by a group who comes out on the streets and gives haircuts to people for free. He talked about how they took before and after photos of him, and said he didn’t really like that. He...

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God is still alive

Sunday in Kensington was a gorgeous spring day. While we were hanging out near the Huntingdon el stop, a young man approached us and said, "I just got off the el and saw you guys and wanted to say 'this is a sign that god is still alive.'"...

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Listening & witnessing & laughing

Sometimes a Sunday in Kensington looks like this: Sitting with 84-year-old JD, looking at the old photos he pulled out of the worn duct-taped envelope. Hearing stories of his life - his wife who left him, his son who passed years ago of AIDS, his truck-driving career....

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