It was extremely cold in Kensington today. We reminded a few of our angels that a ton of snow is expected tomorrow night into Tuesday. How does that work if you sleep outside on a mattress and all your belongings are out in the open?

While I was on my way to Kensington, I saw an older man standing alone on a corner wrapped in one of those blankets people use when they move furniture. I asked him if he was hungry, and he nodded his head yes. I pulled over and gave him a blessing bag, socks and a PB&J sandwich. He said “thank you” very softly, and I asked him if he was okay. His chin quivered and he nodded. He just kept nodding while his eyes were filling up. I took his hand and told him to be safe. I drove away with tears in my eyes, cursing in my head. How do we let this happen?! He is someone’s brother, someone’s dad, maybe even someone’s grandfather.

At one of our regular stops, we saw J. He was wearing two different sneakers, both too small for his feet. Luckily we had a pair of shoes in his size. As we were talking, he wondered “why don’t I just die? Why can’t I get a bag that will kill me?” He was just so tired. “I miss my mom. I miss my family. When I see you guys out here it makes me think of my mom.” We gave him food, some clothing, and hugs.