Yesterday one of my friends in Kensington told me that he tried to kill himself the other day. He purposely did more heroin than he usually does because he “didn’t want to wake up.” Someone found him, gave him narcan and did CPR on him (and broke some ribs). He said that he must have a purpose here on earth since he didn’t die the other day. Both he and his girlfriend are homeless. He is a sweet guy – always helping out and always has a smile on his face and something funny to share. But not yesterday. I hugged him and told him I love him, and that there are so many people who care about him. I told him I’m thankful he’s still here with us.

If willpower was the thing that was needed to overcome addiction and homelessness, this guy would’ve done it by now. I’m constantly amazed at the things people live with. The pain they carry, the hurdles they jump just to get through each day. And yet they go on.

Send good thoughts out to the universe for E today.