Consistent kindness.

There is a young woman who has been coming to the storefront for months now. She has spent those months coming in, taking a snack and leaving. She didn’t interact much with us; in fact, we would greet her but she rarely acknowledged us. She never sat down to make art. Her attitude seemed to fill the room.

The past few weeks she has been slowly warming up. She would briefly acknowledge us when she came in.

Today she sat down and did some embroidery. She learned our names (did she know them all along?), laughed with us, asked us for help threading her needle.

When we all took a turn to cut the weaving off of the pipe loom and say what we like about the studio, she got up and said “friendship.”

She joined us for the blessing at the end of the day. She is a part of our sanctuary studio.

Don’t underestimate kindness.