We see all kinds of sadness and despair at the Kensington Storefront, but we also see big time hope and COMMUNITY. One of our friends who has been homeless for a while decided today was the day he was going to detox. He hung around all day, got his stuff together and gave away things that he would no longer need. He sat and wrote in his notebook while he waited for his ride to treatment. When it was time to go, he took his stuff to the car, and came back inside a few times for things he had forgotten. The last time he came in, he ran to the table to get his notebook. Then, almost at the door, he stopped and told everyone to listen. Everyone stopped and listened. He then read what was written in his book: about how the Storefront is a sanctuary in his life and how the place has saved him. About how his life was going to start over again. He had to stop a few times because he got choked up. When he finished, we all cheered and clapped for him as he ran out the door to the car. The energy in the room was so full of love and hope (and goosebumps and tears). Community & belonging & love & acceptance & healing & sanctuary. ❤️