We met L, a sweet young guy, at K&A today. He serenaded us with a song called Scars to Your Beautiful, singing off-key with a big smile. As we talked, I noticed he had a bandage on his hand. I asked if he was ok, and if he wanted Josie, who is a nurse, to take a look at it for him. He said, yes, and then told me that he recently had skin graft surgery for something that happened to him when he was little – his mom had held his hand over the flame on the stove when he was five years old. He had lived all these years with his hand curled into a fist because of the damage the burns did to his hand. Soon after that happened his mom passed and he spent most of his life living with various relatives. All those years of trauma, his hand a constant reminder of that day. You truly never know what someone is living with.