192 woven panels: the number of lives lost to overdose each day in the US



Creative soul

On December 20th, I had a bunch of gift-wrapped sketchbooks and pencils from Nikki to give out to people we work with at the Kensington Storefront & Prevention Point. I had a few left and was kind of picky about who I gave them out to - I wanted artists and creative...

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Didn’t want to wake up

Yesterday one of my friends in Kensington told me that he tried to kill himself the other day. He purposely did more heroin than he usually does because he "didn't want to wake up." Someone found him, gave him narcan and did CPR on him (and broke some ribs). He said...

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B had over four years in recovery, relapsed in May and made his way to Kensington. He had been to meetings at the Last Stop when he was in recovery, and knew he could go there when he was ready to be done using. He’s been there for about a month. I collected colored...

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Hold space

In the midst of chaos, the Kensington Storefront is a sanctuary. Everyone is welcome to make art with us, or just come in and find some peace. Have a sandwich, some cookies, hot chocolate or tea. Or maybe just hold space for someone who needs...

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You can do it

A is feeling really down these days, having just lost his mom. He said that he wanted to die. J heard him and said, “I was in your spot last year. You can ask these ladies. I was on the streets and living out of my backpack and I had a heroin habit big enough to feed...

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