174 woven panels

... the number of lives lost to overdose per day in the US


Let them know they matter

I wrote this two years ago. What has changed? Not much, if anything. But one good thing I can say is that there are incredibly dedicated grassroots organizations there, making a difference one life at a time. Join us. Show someone love who might not feel loved today....

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Where there is breath, there is hope

Every Tuesday, after teaching a textile workshop in Kensington, I want to write about the people we meet and the stories we hear. But I can’t quite put into words how incredible the experience is and how overwhelming the emotions are some days. Yesterday we met A, who...

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Nothing makes me happy

Yesterday in Kensington: "Nothing makes me happy anymore. Nothing interests me. Except getting high. I'm letting fear control my life. I can't go to treatment - my mom doesn't know I'm using. She thinks I'm doing good. I'm not doing so bad - I still have a job and I...

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The best part

Overheard today in Kensington on the Sunday outing...B to the new guy: "Hey, don't forget to read the notes. They're the best part of the package." SaveSave SaveSave...

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Sanctuary studio

I teach a textile workshop every week at Mural Arts' Kensington Storefront. I also give those who come to the workshop a chance to share their thoughts for Epidemic. My friend and studio-mate Kathryn Pannepacker said it best - our studio in Kensington is a sanctuary!...

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You’re listening

On Wednesday in Kensington, I met K over by the bridge. He told me about his time in prison, and about how some of the guards would bring drugs and cell phones in and sell them to the inmates. He said he was treated horribly in prison, and "imagine if you were in...

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