144 woven panels

... the number of lives lost to overdose per day in the US


We believe in you

Today was a good, busy day. We laughed so much, even in the bitter cold with numb toes and fingers. I saw quite a few regulars, like S, who tells us week after week that he’s just about ready for treatment. He’s one of my favorites, one of the guys I look for each...

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We were all happy to see N again today. He looked good - new clothes, haircut, smile on his face. He shared the story behind the new clothes and haircut - he was panhandling on the corner the other day and heard someone call his name. He looked over at the car and saw...

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Sometimes when I come home from Kensington I feel so hopeless and angry. Like, how can this possibly get better? Seems like it’s just getting worse. So many people are down there suffering. We hear such heartbreaking stories, see so many of the same people out there....

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When we go to Kensington, we hope that we don’t see some of our favorite angels down there again. On the other hand, if we don’t see them, we worry about where they are. Have they OD’d? Did they go to treatment? (That’s what we hope for.) Sometimes we hear about them...

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We met L, a sweet young guy, at K&A today. He serenaded us with a song called Scars to Your Beautiful, singing off-key with a big smile. As we talked, I noticed he had a bandage on his hand. I asked if he was ok, and if he wanted Josie, who is a nurse, to take a...

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The artist

I met an artist in Kensington today who also happens to be homeless. His art supplies were: a small piece of cardboard, two pieces of paper and a pen. He was very excited to show us his work and when I asked if I could take a picture he happily said yes. As an artist,...

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